Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I was tagged!

I was tagged by SavvyStitcher and modmomME I must now share 10 facts about myself with my readers and tag 10 of you to do the same. So here is goes...

1. I'm actually pretty shy at first, but when you get to know me I'm really chatty...I just never initiate a conversation!
2. I barely started learning graphic design last year...but I've been creating my whole life. However, I've found that with graphic design, I need less patience because you can just press "undo" (which is great when you're a perfectionist).
3. I have really missed eating sushi and steaks through this pregnancy. I told my husband he's making a trip to Texas Roadhouse for me the night I give birth (it's not a steak unless it's still mooing)
4. Etsy has made me completely obsessed with checking my emails...something I'll have to control when the baby comes.
5. I buy things because they're cute...not necessarily for function. I have a mint chocolate because it's green, but really have no idea what it's capable of doing.
6. My husband is my very best friend and I still get excited when I hear his car drive up...cheesy, but I love it :)
7. I absolutely hate being pregnant! I'm so ready for this to be over and I just want to hold my baby!!!
8. If I clean one thing in my house, I have to clean the whole house...I have to have a day set aside just to clean it...Which is why sometimes I procrastinate cleaning (it is clean though...don't want anyone to think I'm a pig).
9. My favorite things: family, food, and shopping...seriously, I have a problem
10. I'm LDS and I love it! My little brother is currently serving a mission in Belem, Brazil and I'm so proud of him...so when you see a mormon missionary, think of my little 19 year old brother knocking on your door and be nice to him :) www.lds.org

Alrighty... now I tag
1. AngelinaFong Designs
2. Jami
3. thatgirlscrafty
4. Prettyhairclippies
5. CristanCandle
6. MooceBaby
7. Rachelle
8. Leslie (StrapsbyLeslie)
9. Ashley
10. Cristen


  1. tagged twice! you're popular! when's that baby coming out?

  2. I'm due next Saturday...but hoping she'll come out sooner! Yeah, I had a hard time choosing people to tag because you and Kristen were already taken :)

  3. Erin I am sooooo glad you are obsessed with checking your email too. lol. I thought you would think I was completely crazy for checking mine so often while you were designing my items! lol. GMAIL updates right away so it is easy to see when I get a message especially when I have a laptop and am here with the babies. I feel so much better admitting this. lol. I knew Sara tagged you but I just had to make you do this :) I enjoy reading these tidbits about everyone!


  4. Etsy does have a tendency to turn anyone into an email addict! Okay so I knew about the not being able to eat sushi, but steak too?!?

  5. You can only have steak well-done...what's the point in that???