Thursday, September 3, 2009

Moondoonie Logo

I'm finally finding time to update my blog. Here is my newest finished logo for Moondoonie. They have really beautiful jewelry, that I think is really unique. The picture below is my favorite pair that you can find here:

I also designed Moondoonie's blog...check it out!


  1. Thanks for showing off my new logo. I appreciate your teamwork & maybe in 5 years, I'll be back for an update ;-)

  2. Its highly informative. I would be visiting your blog hereafter regularly to gather valuable information.

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  3. Nice stuff! How's life with your beautiful new baby? I saw you did an etsy banner for my friend Anne of Creatures Northwest too- you're a busy mom! Hope all is well....

  4. Lori- I absolutely love being a mom. She's just the cutest thing ever. She's two months today and she's already got tons of personality! Anne bought one of my premade banners. She was great to work with!