Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Kameron was my good friend. Please read this and contribute to this cause:

Kameron Haban lost his battle with Lupus Wednesday morning. He has touched the lives of so many with his huge smile and genuine kindness, and will be missed by so many! Jami has also touched many with her amazing courage and faith throughout their ordeal. Whether you know them or not, please keep Jami and 2 1/2 year old son Kason in your prayers.

This sweet family is in need of emotional, spiritual and physical support. Kameron spent more than the last month of his life in the ICU. We are all blessed with an opportunity to help. Yesterday a bank account was opened for them. Anyone can go to any Bank of America and make a donation to the account under JamiLynn Haban for the benefit of Kameron Haban. You can also make an online donation at by sending it to

Jami did an amazing job of updating everyone on her blog if you would like to read more about their experience. It is extremely intimate, and sure to touch your heart.

Please help us lend support to the Haban family during this time. Feel free to help spread the word of how to make a donation to those who you know will want to help.


  1. My prayers are with Jami and Kason. What very sad news.

  2. oh my gosh erin, you knew them? :(
    the day after my firend texted me and told me to read her blog.. i cried and cried. what a tragedy. but with the lord anything is possible!


  3. He was one of my good friends at EA. I'm still in shock...His wife is just crushed. Did you read the morning after blog? I balled when I read it...the poor thing.