Monday, December 7, 2009

Before and After Monday

I have been thinking lately about what I can do to make my blog more enjoyable to my readers.  Also, how to get more readers :)  And the thought hit me...maybe I should talk more about the design process...since that's what I do.  Being a first-time mommy (and running around like a chicken with its head cut off), I usually only make time to post the AFTER....the result of hours of work on a logo.  Today, and hopefully every Monday, I want to show you the BEFORE!

This is still one of my favorite logos and one of my favorite people to work with.  When we started, she didn't even have an etsy shop.  Now, she has a successful shop and she's a successful crafter.  I have a key fob she did and it's wonderful.  I never have to look for my keys in my huge diaper bag/purse and it's also very stylish.

So, Kristen of modmomME wanted a silhouette of a modern woman holding a baby, a purse and had a toddler hanging on to her leg.  I was pregnant at the time, so I didn't realize how true this image was.  I think it captures what every mom does every day!  She also wanted pink, turquoise and brown for her colors...with a touch of a chartreuse-ish (not sure of the color tone here) green the first draft looked like this:

Pretty good for my amateur self...but not quite what Kristen had in mind for her company logo.  With a little tweaking, her final draft ended up like this:

A lot of people feel bad for having me do a lot of drafts...but that's why I offer unlimited revisions!  I want your logo to be perfect!!!  Company branding is very important, so you want it to be right.  I think we got modmomME right :)



  1. Those are amazing!! I have hearted your shop and will keep you in mind for future graphics!

  2. I love her logo! I was so happy to find out that you are the genius behind it. Great work!